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Gregg Ritz shot this great looking 8 point whitetail from our lease in southeast Kansas.

Anyone who knows anything about trophy whitetails knows that Kansas ranks as one of the top states for producing big deer.  Most of these same people also know that the best time to connect on a trophy Kansas whitetail is during some phase of the [Read More]

This scouting camera photo of "Matt's buck" was taken in late September.

With the month of November winding down, it was time for THE HUNT Team to put aside our bows and arrows (for a while anyway), and break out our TC rifles.  After finishing up his Colorado bowhunt early, Jake had some time to spare before [Read More]

These two Reconyx photos convinced Jake and Chad that they needed to log some serious stand time in this spot!

With his Indiana buck skinned, caped and cut up (and on its way back to Wisconsin with me), Jake immediately pointed his Ford F150 in a southwesterly direction and he and cameraman Chad Calhoun began another long trek.  Some time earlier this year, Jake and [Read More]