About The Hunt

Greg and Jake Miller

Greg and Jake Miller would like to welcome you to “THE HUNT”, a brand new production designed to showcase what they believe is most important element of any hunting show–which is the hunt itself!

Though they’re now operating under a new name, Greg and Jake will retain the same ‘Road Warrior’ approach that consistently garnered top viewer ratings for them in the past.  The father and son team will continue to hunt no fewer than 10 different states each season.  What’s more, the majority of these hunts will be conducted in areas that are accessible and affordable to the average deer hunter.

And as they’ve always prided themselves on doing, Greg and Jake will continue to find their own hunting areas, do their own scouting and select and prepare their own stand sites.  Most importantly, Greg and Jake will strive to ensure that the animals they harvest remain the focal points and true “Stars” of their shows.  It’s an aspect of their approach that viewers have always found very refreshing.

Though viewers of “THE HUNT” will notice a definite change in format and production style, popular educational core elements will remain unchanged.  The award winning segment, “Zooming In”, will use sophisticated satellite imagery and advanced graphic techniques to dissect and explain the feature hunt of each episode.  While another special segment, “The Breakdown”, will provide viewers with a thorough cross-section of the critical factors that led to a successful secondary hunt.

Along with placing special emphasis on the strategies and techniques that are employed each week on “THE HUNT”, Greg and Jake also will hi-lite the gear and equipment that played a role in their success.

The initial primetime airing of “THE HUNT” will take place on Thursday evening, July 4th at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central on Outdoor Channel.