Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Show 1—Greg and Jake head to northeast Wyoming for an early season bow hunt for whitetails.

Show 2—After filling his Wyoming tag, Greg jumps across the border for a bow hunt in Montana. Meanwhile Jake continues his quest for a Wyoming whitetail.

Show 3—Wisconsin whitetails and black bear are featured, along with a Kansas muzzle loader hunt.

Show 4—Greg and Jake are chasing big whitetails and monster muleys on a late September bow hunt in South Dakota.

Show 5—A Missouri bow hunt and a Kentucky muzzle loader hunt, both filmed in late October, are featured on this episode.

Show 6—Jake and Greg are in Indiana bowhunting for big whitetails during the peak of the rut.

Show 7—Jake uses his Reconyx scouting camera to pinpoint the location of a big Kansas whitetail.

Show 8—With his Kansas archery tag filled, Jake heads to eastern Colorado for another bow hunt—and discovers that his timing couldn’t have been better!

Show 9—After arrowing three big bucks in nine days, Jake decides to roll the dice one more time and heads to Montana for a gun hunt.

Show 10—Jake and Greg, along with their cameramen, Matt Tande and Chad Calhoun all have South Dakota gun tags in their pockets. But on this episode Matt is up to bat first.

Show 11—Jake’s cameraman, Chad Calhoun, finds himself looking through his Nikon scope at a big South Dakota whitetail.

Show 12—Greg is down to the very last minutes of his South Dakota gun hunt before he finally gets a solid chance at a good buck.

Show 13—It’s mid-December, and Greg hits the road in route to southeast Kansas for a late season bow hunt.