Episode Guide

Season: 2013

Episode 1
Greg does a spot & stalk bowhunt for an old South Dakota whitetail. And then we “flashback” with Jake to a rut gun hunt in South Dakota.

Episode 2
Scott Swanson heads to Alberta with his Mathews bow in search of a giant velvet muley, while Greg tries to sneak within bow range of a big South Dakota mule deer.

Episode 3
Jake is in north Texas bowhunting for a big 8-pointer with skyscraper brow tines. And we join 5 year-old Olivia Miller as she puts the hunt on a giant Iowa whitetail during the early youth muzzle loader season.

Episode 4
It’s an all-ladies special! First, Iowa native Wanda Miller uses a decoy to try to lure a big 9-pointer within bow range. Then Greg’s wife, Geralyn, is in west-Texas with her TC Encore in search of a good buck.

Episode 5
Cold and snowy conditions greet Jake on a late muzzle loader hunt for a big Iowa whitetail, while Greg enjoys perfect weather on a late September bowhunt in South Dakota.

Episode 6 

Our good friend Lee Lakosky is on the trail of a huge whitetail named ‘Heavy D’ in his home state of Iowa.  Also, we’ll be “flashing back” with Greg on a 2007 gun hunt for a Montana whitetail.

Episode 7
It’s late October and Greg is in north-central Oklahoma on a muzzle loader hunt. Meanwhile, Jake is attempting to arrow a big Kentucky whitetail.

Episode 8
Greg joins his good friend Mike Watkins for a gun hunt in northeast Wyoming–where both men score! Then we’ll join Gregg Ritz on an exciting decoy bowhunt for a big Illinois whitetail.

Episode 9
Jake’s cameraman Chad Calhoun gets a turn in front of the camera on a South Dakota gun hunt for a big muley buck. We’ll also follow Jake as he attempts to get within bow range of giant South Dakota muley during the early archery season.

Episode 10
Stan Potts is featured on a Kentucky bowhunt for a giant velvet buck.  And we’ll join Greg on a gun hunt for rutting whitetails in Eastern Montana.

Episode 11
Rick White travels to southwest Oklahoma with his TC muzzle loader in search of a big “Sooner” buck.  Next, Greg’s cameraman Matt Tande shows that he knows how to get it done on a bowhunt in his home state of Wisconsin.

Episode 12
Greg hooks up with his good friend Pat West for a late November gun hunt in western South Dakota, and Jake is after a wide racked 8-pointer on an early season bowhunt in Oklahoma.

Episode 13
Greg endures deep snow and brutally cold late December temperatures in his quest to arrow a North Dakota whitetail. Then young Gavin West tries to stalk within range of a big old muley buck.